What Can the Vapor Room Do for You?

Learn about CBD benefits in Lufkin, TX

At The Vapor Room in Lukin, TX, we see ourselves as champions for health. It’s our goal to take CBD out of the shadows and show the world that, for most people, the CBD benefits often outweigh the risks, side effects and myths.

Some CBD benefits include:

•Pain and inflammation relief
•PTSD, anxiety, and depression
•Sleep issues
•Relief with cancer or cancer-related treatment symptoms
•Epilepsy and seizure disorders
•Crohn's Disease
•Multiple sclerosis
•Opioid withdrawal
•Autism and tourette's syndrom

We want you to feel welcomed in the world of CBD

CBD is about making a positive change in your health, and we're hoping to throw off the stereotypes surrounding products derived from hemp. By creating a happy, calming environment in our vape store, we hope to encourage potential customers to see CBD oil in a new light.

Dispelling myths and spreading truth about CBD

In spite of what you may have heard, the CBD benefits are plentiful and the side effects are few. There’s a lot of wrong information out there, so let’s dispel some myths. The first is that, although CBD comes from marijuana, it’s not the same as THC. THC is what causes the high associated with marijuana use. CBD does not cause that high. Let’s look at some other facts about CBD:

  • CBD can come from cannabis classified as hemp
  • CBD is one of the over 100 cannabis-derived cannabinoids
  • Cannabis farmers can breed hemp plants specifically for medicinal benefits, which are high in concentration with CBD and little to no THC.
  • CBD may help you manage clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD)
  • CBD can be beneficial even if you’re healthy
  • CBD can also be beneficial for your pet
  • CBD is federally legal if it comes from hemp

Once you get past myth and learn the facts, you see that CBD can be a very beneficial product when used properly. Visit our store in Lufkin, TX to see the many ways it can be used, including in our line of vape e-liquid

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