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Your passage to having your head in the clouds starts with THC gummies which are close companions to the psychoactive delta-9 THC found in marijuana. What makes these THC Gummies stand out is their gentle yet deeply effective nature, by introducing a soothing feeling that engages your mind and body in beautiful harmony.

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Gummies not your thing? Then, take a dive into the world of our THC smokables collection. Unveil an array of choices that transcend the ordinary, where every puff unfolds a unique adventure. The best part of our THC Smokable is the mobility and discretion they provide.



We have a wide assortment of rolling products spanning from rolling trays, papers, cones, pre-rolls, tips, and even some nugs!

If you want to learn more about how to start rolling, the benefits of it, or to just come look at we offer feel free to stop by the Vapor Room lobby and one of our friendly staff can get you taken care of!

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Discover our glassware collection, where function meets fun! Our hand-selected glassware are not only fun to look at, but they are sure to hit smooth for your smoking sessions. Wether you’re seeking smooth inhalation or a visual statement, our glassware enhances every moment. Contact us for more details.

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CBD Oils & More

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an extraction from the cannabis plant. Because it does not give a “high” like THC from the same plant, CBD is an appealing, natural option for those looking to lessen pain, improve sleep, and reduce stress. The Vapor Room offers a choice selection of CBD products such as vape e-liquid, gummies, bath bombs, and much more, so you can be confident in knowing you won’t have to search for the perfect product elsewhere.

CBD for Pets

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*For more available Pet CBD Products please contact our shop*

Did you know our furry friends can receive the same benefits from CBD as humans? Available in oil drops, CBD products can aid with your pet’s anxiety, arthritis, cancer treatments, seizures, and more.

Always seek advice from a vet and ask the right questions regarding your pet’s situation before administering CBD in any form.