Mods, Pods, & Disposables

How do YOU vape? Pull more power, more flavor, and larger vape clouds from a mod system; grab a pod device with additional cartridges for busy days; or go for no fuss, no hassle with a single-use disposable bar.

E-Liquids & Salts

Tank running on empty? Whether you’re into a smorgasbord of delectable desserts, a variety of tropical fruits, or just need a hint of mint, The Vapor Room has your all-time (and soon-to-be) favorite e-liquids on hand.

But if it’s an instant, smoother hit you’re after, reach for nicotine salts. Similar to the feeling achieved from traditional cigarettes, nic salts are the natural state of nicotine in tobacco leaves that offer a higher percent by volume—without the harsh throat hit.

CBD Oils & More

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an extraction from the cannabis plant. Because it does not give a “high” like THC from the same plant, CBD is an appealing, natural option for those looking to lessen pain, improve sleep, and reduce stress.

The Vapor Room offers a choice selection of CBD products such as vape e-liquid, gummies, bath bombs, and much more, so you can be confident in knowing you won’t have to search for the perfect product elsewhere.


What sets Delta-8 THC apart from the psychoactive Delta-9 THC in marijuana is the less overwhelmingly potent delivery of effects it produces. Unlike the psychoactive properties of Delta-9, the results of Delta-8 will be more so euphoric on the mind and body.

Delta-8 THC gummies work slowly to ease the user into a state of peace, relaxation, and clarity, offering a convenient experience that may aid in dealing with stressful days, falling asleep, and improving overall quality of life.

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CBD for Pets

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*For more available Pet CBD Products please contact our shop*

Did you know our furry friends can receive the same benefits from CBD as humans? Available in oil drops, CBD products can aid with your pet’s anxiety, arthritis, cancer treatments, seizures, and more.

Always seek advice from a vet and ask the right questions regarding your pet’s situation before administering CBD in any form.